Cheeky Rascals Bath Support - White/Grey

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Soft-touch Baby Bath Support for hands-free, confident bath times.

A bath is a great way to start the bed time routine, and with a Baby Bath Support, you and your baby can relax and have fun together.

  1. Hands-free for your - perfect for bathing twins or older children together
  2. Safe, comfortable splashing for your little one promotes water confidence
  3. Gently supports your baby at the perfect height
  4. Baby`s body and head are softly cradled allowing arms and legs to move freely
  5. Hygenic and mould resistant


Instructions for use:

  • Push the bath support down firmly into the bath until the suction cups grip. Suction cups should not be placed on non-skid, slip resistant surfaces.
  • Fill the bath no higher than the ‘max’ water line (see front of leaflet). Test the water temperature, it should not exceed 37°C / 88°F. Make sure everything is to hand so you don’t need to leave the room before bath-time is over.
  • Position your baby at the base of the Bath Support. Ensure water level is not higher than your baby’s shoulders. Recommended bath time = 10 minutes maximum.
  • When your baby is out of the bath, dry and safe, remove the Bath Support by gently pulling the two small tabs to release the suction cups. Check these cups often and replace if their grip decreases.
Recommended use
- Babies from 0-6 months
- Max height: 70cm (28 inches)
- Max weight: 8kg (17 lbs)
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