Fred Adhesive Anti Skid Tape

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Feel safe carrying little ones up and down the stairs and make it easier for crawlers and toddlers to negotiate steps safely.


  • 5m of day-glow yellow - ideal for high risk areas such as a step between rooms that you need to draw attention to.
  • 5m of transparent - particularly great for stairs where you want that extra grip. With no distraction, your child can concentrate on holding onto the banisters and keeping thier head up. 
  • Easy to fit - 5m of masking tape included to make lining up the adhesive tape straight and in the correct position a doddle. 
  • Fred ToughHold™ adhesive  - provides a powerful and durable bond to most hard, clean interior surfaces. 
  • Damage-free removal   - follow the instructions and you should be able to remove the tape without damaging most surfaces.
  • Meets safety standards - Complies with all the relevant clauses of the toy standard EN71Series.

Where and when to use

Use from the day your baby arrives - you don`t want to slip down the stairs, and it`s particluarly important to keep safe with a baby in your arms. 25mm wide for a great grip, just right for steps, stairs, slopes, ladders and under rugs and mats.

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