Fred Adhesive Corner Protector - Dark Grey

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Revolutionary design that works. Thin enough to use two on most corners - on the top and the bottom to give maximum protection from falls and bumped heads.


  • Uses Fred SecureHold™ adhesive - to create a powerful and durable bond that attaches to most surfaces in your home, and can’t be tugged off by small children
  • Curved, 2-component design - a rigid inner shell designed to bind with the Fred SecureHold™ adhesive to keep protectors firmly in place, with a softer shock-absorbing outer layer to ensure excellent impact protection - and still thin enough to fit 2 to each table corner (min. 16mm thick).
  • Bite and choke-safe - made from non-toxic, food-grade material. Their size, shape and rigidity ensure that they do not constitute a choke hazard in the event that one comes away.
  • Damage free removal - by following the instructions, you’ll leave no sticky residue and be able to remove without damaging most surfaces.
  • Meets safety standards - Complies with all the relevant clauses of the toy standard EN71Series.

Use from when your baby starts to move, normally from about 6 months of age - and they are equally useful for protecting your shins on sharp bed-corners etc.

Recommended Use

One for tables less than 16mm

Two for tables more than 16mm thick (top and bottom of corner)

Tip: Children often crouch down - with Corner Protectors fitted on lower corners as well as top ones, little heads are as safe when they fall down as when they stand up.


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